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Overall Rating
"Excellent service Great communication Will definately use again"  on 03-Jan-2018
"Zhiv the driver was great, very friendly, on time. Great service"  on 31-Dec-2017
"Good service "  on 30-Dec-2017
"Great!"  on 29-Dec-2017
"Surprise limo. A friendly driver who addressed us appropriately as sir and miss. "  on 22-Dec-2017

Achieved the highest level of customer services
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Testimonials Average rating is 4.5/5 based on 82 reviews

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SUE TUCKER  on 13-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "I tried to contact you last night. Phone line closed. No cab turned up but I had paid. No message this morning "
MARK DALLI  on 13-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Return was 20mins late"
RICHARD COXON  on 03-Jan-2018 Verified Rider "Excellent service Great communication Will definately use again"
PAUL STEAD  on 31-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Zhiv the driver was great, very friendly, on time. Great service"
DANIELLE HIGNETT  on 30-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Good service "
KIM FIRMIN  on 29-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Great!"
JONATHAN SMITH  on 22-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Surprise limo. A friendly driver who addressed us appropriately as sir and miss. "
G WOOD  on 22-Dec-2017 General Feedback "The driver arrived 24 hours early and was very rude and nasty. No telephone number is supplied to solve the problem and I have paid for a taxi that will not arrive at the correct time. "
G WOOD  on 22-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "The driver arrived midnight of the 21st rather than 22nd. The only telephone number supplied is with his firm. Rather than offer a solution he insisted on arguing about who had stated the wrong time. I fear I have paid out £70 and have no taxi for tonight and would now not want to use him anyway as he is a very rude and nasty man."
PETER FOLDES  on 21-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Driver came earlier than pick up time, he was very friendly, it was great service."
JUSTIN WINSTANLEY  on 21-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent every time. Come early. Well prepared. Friendly staff. Quick transportation. Top class service. Use them every time for getting to the airport. "
MAGALI NAUD  on 20-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Really nice and helpfull Shaz"
SARITA PLOWMAN  on 20-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Great service!"
NEIL PRYCE  on 18-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Really friendly prompt service "
WARREN HALE  on 13-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Arrived early, pleasant driver, good journey and prompt pick-up when required"
JOHN BUTLER  on 11-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "very proffesional"
IAN JEFFRIES  on 06-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Very good driver"
DUSTIN RAPP  on 05-Dec-2017 General Feedback "The service was incredible, as they made every effort to collect me from the airport. They also made sure to take the quickest route, which was almost a shame because the staff was so friendly that you just wanted to keep talking to them! Very impressed, and I'll definitely be using their service again very soon!"
KIM LEVINE  on 05-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Taxicode cancelled the booking"
PARISS VERITY  on 03-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi driver was racing and swearing at other drivers all in all horrible journey"
ADRIAN EDWARDS  on 01-Dec-2017 Verified Rider "great. will definitely be using TAXICODE again. thanks "
JAMES  on 30-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Smooth and comfortable journey. Driver was boss. Highly recommended. "
CHRISTINE CASEY  on 29-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "I arrived back at the airport and every effort was made to come and collect me as soon as possible. I was kept informed throughout. Very impressed."
MARTIN SMITH  on 22-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Great experience,very timely, organised and a comfortable stress free journey"
WERNER GROSS  on 20-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "We are very pleased with the punctuality and reliability and had a very nice taxi driver."
LAURENT DUFLOUX  on 20-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Very good experience. Would recommend!"
GAVIN CLAYTON  on 19-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was excellent "
JAMES KOCIERZ  on 17-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Taxi was late and no mention of additional card and booking charges on website."
MICHAEL WALTER  on 14-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Driver arrived a few minutes early. He was familiar with the route and provided lots of interesting information. A real gentleman. I enjoyed the trip and appreciate the very good service received from him and the company. Thank you. "
LUCA GIULIANI  on 13-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "I have understood the delay of driver due to the traffic My driver was a kind man "
PETIT LAURENT  on 09-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Suite close to perfect "
MARCELLA FREITAS  on 06-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "perfect"
HEATHER WILLIAMS  on 05-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Lovely driver, thank you!"
REBECCA STODDART  on 05-Nov-2017 Verified Rider "Thanks "
KEVIN MC MAHON  on 30-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Driver really polite and friendly, great and quick service "
ALLAN SMITH  on 30-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service, very professional."
ANDREW WILLIAMS  on 24-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Driver arrived in good time. Vehicle was new and comfortable. Very good service, I will use again. "
GARRY WEST  on 18-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was on time and very courteous. Made our trip to the airport a good experience. "
MARIE JENKINSON  on 17-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Great driver, super clean vehicle!"
DAVID PUGH  on 09-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "we had no problems with the timing, drivers or the journey in fact the flight was late but the driver contacted me on arrival and arranged the best pick up area.Will use again is or when required."
ANN SISSONS  on 08-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "My driver was at the pick up early. Friendly and chatty made fit a nice trip "
DAVID BERESFORD  on 06-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "Everything good BUT very expensive for a 13 mile journey."
KWAI ON WONG  on 04-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "A bit disappointed oo meet and great service. To be honest, there is no such thing. I need to find the way from arrival hall to level 5 car park area to meet the driver alone!"
ANN SIDDALL  on 03-Oct-2017 Verified Rider "We were very happy with the service today , on time, friendly driver, very good ."
HAZEL FAY  on 30-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Easy to book and driver was waiting on our arrival into Manchester. "
NEIL STEVENSON  on 30-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "No issues at all.....driver was early, helpful and efficient. Full marks!"
MORTEN KRISTENSEN  on 30-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Where the are you. We are waiting and now you have cancelled! !! "
HELEN HENSHAW  on 29-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Absolutely fantastic Driver very helpful on time & polite Will definitely use again & recommend to friends"
ROBERT RAWLINSON  on 28-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "everything went smoothly"
VANESSA CURRY  on 26-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Flight landed early and got through immigration and baggage retrieval super quick; building work at arrival gate causing problems meant driver wasn't there to meet me but not an issue. Driver phoned to explain."
GILLIAN COLLIER  on 21-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The driver arrived in plenty of time. He was friendly and polite and drove us carefully and safely to the airport."
JAYSHREE MISTRY  on 19-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The driver picked me up early (4:15AM GMT), which was really great. Was well informed of traffic at the time that I was traveling and knew the best route to take. I will definitely use their services again when I am in the UK."
ROGER CHAPLIN  on 18-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Spot on thank you"
MARTIN MILLS  on 14-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Great service, driver was on time and very good, will definitely use again and recommend to others."
DIMITRIOS MALTAS  on 13-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The driver was very friendly and on time"
MONTASIR HASSAN ALI  on 12-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "The driver, timing and trip was fantastic "
CAROL HOLMES  on 11-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "I paid for a meet and greet for my Mum as she arrived back in the UK in the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, there was no M&G and when I spoke to the driver he said he had parked off site and could my Mum walk and meet him. I did not think this was acceptable for a pensioner to be walking away from the terminal and car parks at 2.30am to try and find the taxi. I had to ask him to go into the drop off car park so my Mum could meet him there - which he charged an extra £3 for (total cost of the booking should include all tolls and parking). Additionally, when I went to amend pick up as flight was delayed, the contact number stated the office hours were Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm - not very helpful when you have booked out of these hours. I did manage to find another number and was able to speak to someone to make sure the taxi would be on time. They were very helpful. Overall, very disappointing."
MARCIN SZYNISZEWSKI  on 10-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Great experience, brilliant driver."
JANEL AW  on 09-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "It was a comfortable ride and the customer service officer was really helpful! Overall, I would take MMA again!"
MICHAEL SAHADAT  on 07-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Driver was on time! Good service & ride..."
SYLVAIN BONNEL  on 07-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Vert serious and meet expectation"
GARETH HARRISON  on 05-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Great helpful driver ! Thank you"
CLIVE ALLEN  on 01-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent"
MICHAEL SAHADAT  on 01-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Fastest ride to the airport so far..."
NATALIA MICHALIK  on 01-Sep-2017 Verified Rider "Very good level of service provided."
MARTIN COOK  on 25-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "only downside for me is the £3.75 card fee i was charged when i paid through paypal ????"
CARL ROBERTS  on 17-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Punctual, friendly and good standard vehicle. Would recommend to friends and family and will use again."
JOHN ROBINSON  on 12-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service and driver. "
MICHAEL LUGER  on 11-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Prompt, reliable, and friendly. "
CORINA BENNETT  on 11-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Very pleased with the service. I will certainly use it for my future travels. "
JUSTIN WINSTANLEY  on 10-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Will no doubt use again in the future. "
STEPHEN ROBERTS  on 06-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service. Friendly driver and enjoyed my conversation with him to airport. Car was new, clean and well maintained. Knew airport and where best to drop me. Would definitely recommend and use again."
ESTHER OLOJUGBA  on 05-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Great service. The driver was on time"
LUTFI SULAIMAN  on 02-Aug-2017 Verified Rider "Bang on time. Good service. "
JOHN SCHOOLING  on 31-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Excellent service and excellent driver"
BERNADETTE WYER  on 18-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Phoned to advise flight was delayed. Difficult to understand what was being said. Held on for about 5 mins before speaking to anyone. When arrived a little behind time no one was there yo meet me. Driver had taken another fare. He did phone and casme back but I was waiting about 20 mins at.least. Driver was very helpful and pleasant which made an initial bad impression more acceptable."
ANDREW MATTHEWS  on 18-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Great service "
ANDREW TUFFT  on 15-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Fantastic service. I left my phone and driver made sure I got it back. Also waited 2 hours in middle of night after a flight was delayed."
EMILY CROSS  on 12-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "As I cannot find any other way of contacting you on the website I am using this forum to complain. My £28 journey was cancelled at the last minute but it has still been charged to my account. Furthermore, the £5 off for new customers promo is completely misadvertised, this is a voucher scheme where you have to pay £25 for vouchers which will give you money off journeys; only useful if you expect to do those journeys. Complete scam. I expect a personal email acknowledgment of this complaint and a full refund to my account of £28."
MARKUS WINKLER  on 04-Jul-2017 Verified Rider "Perfect !"
MARIYA BARAKOVA  on 29-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "The best experience ever. I was moving out and I had so many things, all heavy too. The driver was really nice and helped me with all of the moving, always took the heavy things. He was very friendly and we even had a nice conversation along the way. After we arrived, he helped me unload again and even helped me open the door to my new house. Great service! Strongly recommend this service and this driver in particular!"
ROSEMARY SANDIFORD  on 25-Jun-2017 Verified Rider "Wonderful experience with a nice helpful, friendly driver and an extremely comfortable car. Very good and works use again"
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